92、Switch to a lightweight file manager(将Nautilus更改为轻量级文件管理器Thunar)

1. Start Synaptic and search for and install the and thunararchive-plugin packages. After installation, you can run Thunar by typing thunar in a terminal window.
(用新立得搜索并安装 thunar 和 thunararchive-plugin 。)
2. To cause Thunar to open whenever you click an entry on the Places menu, you’ll need to edit a configuration file: open a terminal window and type the following:

    $ gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/-folder-handler.desktop

Scroll to the bottom of the file and look for the line that reads Exec=nautilus –no-desktop %U. Change it so it reads Exec=thunar %U.
(在底部找到Exec=nautilus –no-desktop %U 这行,将它替换为Exec=thunar %U ,保存后退出。)

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