71、Post entries from your desktop(博客客户端)
Use Synaptic to search for and install -blog. Once installed, rightclick a blank spot on the panel and select Add to panel. Then select Blog Entry Poster from the list.
(用新立得搜索并安装gnome-blog,然后再面板空白处右键点击选择“添加到面板”,在列表中找到“blog entry poster”并添加到面板。)
The program is designed to work with blogs hosted at Blogger.com, Advogato, or Journal. Alternatively, you can configure the software to work with MovableType, Pyblosxon or installations on your own website.
(它可以支持Blogger.com,advogato, Live Journal,Movable Type,Pyblosxon 和WordPress博客。)
When it runs for the first time, the program will ask you to setup your blog details.

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